Our values, your questions.

What kind of wax do you use?
We use a vegetable blended wax which gives a beautiful creamy texture and fantastic scent throw.
Where are your wooden wicks sourced from?
Our wooden wicks are made from native, sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills.
Are your fragrance oils cruelty free?
Yes! All of our products are cruelty free
Are your fragrances paraben free? 
Yes! All of our products are paraben free

What are you doing to be more sustainable?
Aside from selecting the majority of our materials from the UK, we make almost all of our business stationary ourselves, for example we only use biodegradable, vegan friendly stickers and recycled card for our business cards. This ensures less waste and we know where our materials are coming from and how they are processed. Our packaging consists of recycled and recyclable Kraft paper, our packing peanuts are corn based and dissolve in water. The only plastic we use is in our wax melts, this plastic is 100% recycled and manufactured in the UK and can be recycled again when finished. 
We are always looking to do more so please let us know if we could be doing better.

My candle is finished. Now what? 
Once you have finished your candle and it is fully cool remove the biodegradable labels and pop them in your bin. Next, stand your candle in a pan of simmering water. Taking care not to burn yourself. Once the residual wax has melted, pour in some water and allow the wax the float to the top, once cooled you should be able to pop it out and use it as a wax melt. 
Wipe the glass jar with a dry cloth to remove any remaining wax and gently pull the wick sustainer from the bottom. Once the jar is clean, feel free to recycle or reuse as a storage jar with your wooden lid. The metal sustainer can be recycled and the biodegradable sticky pad can be put into the bin. 
Where can I find out more information? 
For more information please email us at: info@thearomatary.com